There are good parties and great parties… and then there are Mario parties! The latest in the hit series, Mario Party 4, has arrived on Nintendo GameCube with four times the fun.

The goody bag of game features includes:
- 50 all-new mini-games
- Five themed 3D game boards (plus one hidden)
- Eight Nintendo characters to choose from
- Up to four players for maximum party action

In Party Mode, compete to win the most stars on the game boards against your friends and/or the CPU. Then jump into the mini-games and work solo, with a partner or three-against-one.

Gain the advantage by gobbling up a Mini or Mega Mushroom, to squeeze through pipes or stomp coins from your opponents.

Or, if you want your own private party, the single-player Story Mode challenges you to clear a game board and compete against the computer for cool collectible gifts.

Quite simply, Mario Party 4 is guaranteed to turn any boring bash into a super shindig!