Volume 1 Thursday, 24 June 2004 Price: 5 Bells
All aboard the train to Animal Crossing! Animal Crossing isnít like other videogames. Here you wonít find monsters to smite, chasms to leap or even princesses to save - instead, an enchanting woodland setting offers you a unique gaming experience. You can form friendships with an array of adorable creatures, earn an honest living punting turnips to traders, or else simply spend time goofing off playing on a home video game system.

After youíve put the game disc in your Nintendo GameCube with feverishly excited hands, youíll find yourself on a journey to your new hometown and youíll meet your first animal friend, Rover the cat. Just answer his questions and youíll have told him the name of your town and a few details about yourself too. Now to go and move in to your new home! Itís going to cost you thoughÖand if youíve got no money then itís time to take out a loan. Luckily, Tom Nook is on hand with a wad of cash and a few small houses up for sale. He kindly agrees to lend you the money, but youíve got to pay him back! Well, youíve got to agree, you need somewhere to sleep and he seems a nice enough sort. And so, you get your first house in Animal Crossing. Now itís up to you to earn the money to pay Tom back. How you do that is up to you! Catch and sell fish and bugs, harvest fruit, run errands for the other animal residents or just gather seashells from the shore. Pay off your mortgage and you can upgrade your house. In the future, maybe you can have that massive mansion youíve always dreamed of and all the luxury items youíve ever wanted

...anything is possible in Animal Crossing!

Your life in Animal Crossing parallels your own life in the real world. Day follows night, night follows day, seasons come and go, and your town in Animal Crossing develops and changes as time passes. This is all possible thanks to the Nintendo GameCubeís internal clock. If itís July 31st 9:30pm in the real world, itís exactly the same date and time in Animal Crossing! On certain days throughout the year you can look forward to unique special events taking place in your town, from Autumn Sports Fairs and Halloween to fishing tournaments and Toy Day. Make sure you check out the noticeboard near your house to stay up to date on upcoming events to enjoy!

Animal Crossing coming to your Nintendo GameCube on September, 24th!
So how do you spend your time in Animal Crossing? Well, you can pay a visit to your animal friends for a chat; maybe they need your help? Or why not spend the afternoon fishing in the sea trying to catch the elusive and prehistoric Coelacanth? Or why not go searching for bugs and insects with your trusty bug-catching net in hand? Or dig for fossils of the mighty T-Rex? Or go and visit Tom Nookís shop to buy that comfy new bed youíve been saving up for? Or maybe you want to design your own hip and funky t-shirt to wear? You have the freedom to play Animal Crossing as you want. Do what you want to do, live your alternate life as you like, the choices are all yours!